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A tender and lyrical story celebrating the natural world and our place within it, Wild Trails to the Sea follows a coastal family as seasons change and children grow. With a hopeful refrain, a parent shares their dreams for their young ones, urging them to pay attention to every bit of magic the world has to offer, from watching a mayflower bloom to skipping pebbles on an icy pond, encouraging a lifelong love of natural spaces.

Told in gentle free-verse with luminous, tactile illustrations, this nostalgic story celebrates raising children in the great outdoors and will leave them enchanted with the lemon-burst of spruce tips, the steam of saltwater bonfires, and white rocks as vast as the moon.

The debut children's picture book by celebrated Halifax-based editor and co-author of Amazing Atlantic Canadian Women, Penelope Jackson, and York, UK-based, Nova Scotia-born paper-collage artist Elena Skoreyko Wagner, Wild Trails to the Sea is a love letter to the earth, the sky, and the sea -- and to their future stewards.



You can request Wild Trails to the Sea be preordered through most North American booksellers, including your local independent bookshop!

It is also available via major booksellers, such as, Thrift Books, Indigo-Chapters, Barnes & Noble and Amazon



Wild Trails to the Sea is currently most easily available internationally via Amazon internationally, and via Barnes & Noble for select countries. It may also be available upon request via local booksellers.

​Moms today devote major attention to raising children who feel seen and validated in their emotions. Yet, often undervalue their own big feelings, and the powerful role they play in connection. 

Through the eyes of a child, glimpse the real-life drama of a mom's day to day. Through intimate, hand-cut cut paper collage,  watch her dance, hear her shout (very loud), feel a tender embrace, and celebrate a grand accomplishment. All alongside her little one, who gains new awareness of the complex and caring person she calls Mom.

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In the US, My Mom Has Feelings Too can be ordered via Barnes & Noble, and Amazon, and may be available upon request by local booksellers.



In Canada, My Mom Has Feelings too is available via Barnes & NobleAmazon, and may be available upon request by local booksellers.


Currently, My Mom Has Feelings Too is most easily available via Amazon internationally, and via Barnes & Noble for select countries. 

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